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CAVE TUBING KALISUCI, Sensation Along The Underground River
Washed away following the drift of the Kalisuci River. You float down in the underground rivers. It is a wonder experience. Played in unique cave with a cluster of bats and sparkling with the beauty of stalactite formations. So be sure to bring along waterproof camera. Come in the mysteriously realm where the river breaks through into the underground. It is only head lamp to lead the way.

''Cave Tubing'' is the mixture of rafting and caving. Tubes for using float. Kalisuci CaveTubing is located at Pacar Rejo, Semanu, GunungKidul, which is 60 kilometres far from the centre of Yogyakarta. It needs 1.5 until 2 hours to get there.

Getting the Kalisuci CaveTubing can be reach by using private vehicles, such as cars and motorcycle. The condition of the road which consists of bends, steep grades, and karsts requires good vehicle to face the journey. Before arrived at base camp, the participants have to hike on the road which is filled with small stones.

The participants of Kalisuci CaveTubing have to go through the route as far as 500 metres with the depth from 1 to 3 metres. It needs 2 hours to treat exhaustively the cave, start from Gua Suci, Luweng Senglat, Luweng Geleng and end in Gua Mburi Omah.

Stream down into the cave with your inner tubes. You have to sit and relax in your tubes. Take you through a labyrinth of caves, each as dark as night but filled with fascination discoveries. It becomes the real life journey. If you are looking for the cave tubing tour in Kalisuci you want not forget it.

This is a fun for all age. The CaveTubing obtained join in an individual and make a group. Limit the group size to 20 persons in order to guarantee the personal that you deserve and to insure the comfort and safety of your friends and family. Some equipment have prepared to order safety your adventure namely tubes, safety helmet, head lamp, boat, and float waistcoat.

Kalisuci is the third place after cave tubing in Belize Central America and New Zealand. That said Kalisuci has a spring that was used villagers to provide for drinking water. Kalisuci location is also very suitable for the activities - such as outbound activities, hiking and other adventures. The cliffs are steep and the path around the river became a separate place to train the skill, and courage.

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